The Covercraft Truck Stop Cargo Bars


The Covercraft Truck Stop Cargo Bars

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No one’s saying you don’t have room to pack in extra groceries, a few extra sacks of fertilizer or more boxes of motor oil. The only trouble is making sure it stays put once you put the pedal to the metal. Loose freight plus motion equals slipping, sliding and spilling—unless you’re rolling with a Covercraft Truck Stop Cargo Bar.

Like a moveable barrier for the bed of your pickup or the back of your SUV or van, the Covercraft Truck Stop Cargo Bar spans the width of your cargo area. Once in place, it forms an uncrossable barrier to block boxes, bags and buckets from moving around while you drive. Plus, it adjusts between 48″ and 78″ in length, so you can customize the fit for your particular vehicle.

If you’re looking for cheap, flimsy plastic, Truck Stop Cargo Bars are not for you. These bad boys are built to last from sturdy steel with enough backbone to withstand bangs, bumps and bruises without busting in half. At the same time, the ends are padded for a snug mount that won’t damage your paint or trim. And, they’re backed by a 90-day warranty.


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